Fundraising campaign Volt Nederland

The European elections are quickly approaching. This must be the climax of 2019! The goal is clear: 25 seats in the European Parliament of which at least one for Volt Nederland. To reach this goal a full fledged election campaign is needed, so that all voters in the Netherlands know Volt when they enter the voting booth at the 23d of May. For the realisation of the election campaign we need two things: enthusiastic volunteers and money.. Lots of money! Fortunately we have plenty of enthusiastic volunteers that are eager to campaign, the money.. We are working on that!   

During the Volt congres in Utrecht at the 9th of March the Volt Nederland fundraising campaign has been kick started! Until the 11th of April the fundraising team, together with the local fundraising leads, will organise several events in order to raise the necessary money for the election campaign. The objective: 150.000,-

How are we doing this?     

Currently, all local fundraising leads are starting their own local fundraising campaigns and the national fundraising team is organising a few big events like an art auction and a high net worth individuals fundraising dinner at the 11th of April as grand finale! As crowdfunding tool and to keep track on the progress we are using Pifworld. Via Pifworld people can transfer money within a few clicks, our campaign is easily shareable on Social Media and Pifworld provides an overview of all fundraising activities and the money that these activities raised for Volt.  

Volt needs you!

We hear you thinking: “so how can I support the fundraising campaign?” Good question! The answers are provided below:

  1. You can donate via Pifworld:  
  2. Social media: visit Pifworld and share the fundraising campaigns and standardised posts via social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)!
  3. Deploy your network: do you know people who sympathise with the mission of Volt? Ask them for a small donation via a personal message! For examples see the website: Example texts.  
  4. High net worth individuals: do you have a relative, a friend or a vague acquaintance that has a little more money to spend? Please share with the fundraising team ( ) so we could invite him or her for the fundraising dinner at the 11th of April. The dinner will start with a keynote speech of Alexander Italianer (former SG of the EU commission) followed by a Q&A with Reinier and Andrea and last but not least an auction will be organised.
  5. Items and activities for auction: we are planning to organise an art auction and a second auction during the fundraising dinner. Can you share (art) items or activities with an interesting story that we may auction? Please inform the fundraising team! For inspiration, a.o. the following items are currently being auctioned: signed books, a big band performance, a golf trip with the famous person and a fully catered dinner by Reinier.          

Do you want to help the fundraising team? Please contact:

Thanks in advance!

The fundraising team,

Reinier, Thijs S., Koen (Amsterdam), Luit, Emma, Abel, Laurant (Den Haag), Ilka (Groningen), Ruud (Utrecht), Cédrik (Rotterdam), Mark (Brabant), Thijs L. (leiden), Friso (Alkmaar), Rob (Baarn), Wim (Maastricht)