City Team Amsterdam - looking for HR and Communication Support

Community / HR

We’re looking for people who want to join the HR Team in Amsterdam! We are growing as a party and we are getting new members every single day. This is amazing and they deserve some good care. That’s why we are looking for three people who can take on this amazing challenge!

What are you going to do?

We’re looking for someone who likes to get in contact with the new members, introduce them to our team in Amsterdam and answer the questions they might have. We work with a buddy-system. Every new member gets a buddy who can answer their questions and guide them through their first Volt Amsterdam experience. This contains inviting them to meet-ups and explaining the options of participating within Volt.

Improving the system!

We need to improve the buddy-system. Part of the role is to improve the system and make it run more smoothly. Together with the event team you will organize the weekly meet-ups. Once a month we want to organize a special event for new members, with a special program. It is going to be your task to invite the new members and make sure they are aware of the events we have and feel welcome to come.

Do you think this sounds like something you would enjoy, let us know! 

We would love to answer your questions! See you at the next meet-up or email us at:  or 


For the Amsterdam Volt team communication we are looking for two/three new team members! 

In our digital age we are nothing without our team Communications. That’s why we need you!

What are you going to do?

You’ll manage our website’s, online platforms and social media channels. A job that will impact the visibility of Volt Amsterdam. In support of this you’ll create content for blogs, press releases, newsletters or other promotional material.

Improving the system!

Our site is hidden away somewhere on the volt page. We need to update it, make it more welcoming and make it more visible so that new members can find

Do you want to gain experience within communications and help Volt along the way? Than this is the challenge for you! 

Let us know at the meet-up or email us at:  or . We would love to answer your questions.