Onze visie

De nationale politiek lijkt vast te zitten in oude ideeën, zoals links tegen rechts, of liberaal tegen conservatief. Het lukt de politiek niet om antwoorden te geven op onzekerheden van burgers in een snel veranderende wereld. Deze onzekerheid wordt door extremistische bewegingen en partijen gebruikt voor politiek gewin: voor complexe vraagstukken zoals veiligheid, identiteit en solidariteit komen zij met hapklare en simplistische antwoorden aanzetten. De Europese Unie, het politieke en sociale project van onze grootouders en ouders, komt niet verder omdat men ruziet over bevoegdheden en elkaar niet vindt op gedeelde belangen...

Politieke waarden

  • Gelijke kansen

  • Gerechtigheid 

  • Vrijheid 

  • Menselijke waardigheid 

  • Duurzaamheid 

  • Solidariteit 

De 5+1 Uitdagingen

Volt heeft 5+1 fundamentele uitdagingen geformuleerd, die in elk Europees land aangepakt dienen te worden. 5+1, omdat de eerste 5 uitdagingen aan de verschillende nationale realiteit van de lidstaten worden aangepast, en de +1, ons voorstel om de EU te hervormen en versterken, dat voor alle nationale programma's identiek zal zijn. Deze 5 eerste uitdagingen zijn richtlijnen voor alle Volt-afdelingen en gaan niet alleen over Europese bevoegdheden.

  • 1. Bouw een Slimme Staat

    In times of transformation, governments must adapt to enable every citizen to fully participate and contribute to society, and provide for maximal social inclusion and mobility. Smart States must adopt new tools to earn their citizens' trust through accountable, transparent, and efficient governance. We will invest in our common future, including crafting innovative education systems, quality healthcare, and effective justice. Together, we will use technology for common prosperity.



  • 2. Economische renaissance

    European economies need to become the engine of society’s progress and allow for a decent living standard for everyone. To achieve our vision we established three key levers: rebuilding economically challenged areas, fostering leadership in innovation, and pushing for the EU to become a ‘Social Union’. This requires innovative concepts and policies to reduce bureaucracy, strengthen the job market, revive innovation in our economies, invest in smart and sustainable productivity and trade, tackle unemployment, and create a more unified European social and fiscal system.

  • 3. Social Equality

    EU citizens and residents need to be guaranteed equal rights and opportunities, and human rights need to be respected and applied! To ensure that, we aim to introduce policies that tackle all types of inequalities and discrimination, alleviate poverty and provide access to basic needs. Most importantly, no one will be left behind! These policies include: bridging the gender gap by 2025, ensuring equal rights for all, and end homelessness in Europe.



  • 4. Global Balance

    In an interconnected world, Europe needs to assume responsibility for its role in global challenges, especially regarding climate change, food and water security, public health, migration and refugee crises. In line with the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 2030, we aim to take actions on eradicating poverty, generating jobs, building a circular economy, ensuring fair trade, securing livelihoods and building infrastructure for sustainable development and growth.

  • 5. Citizen Empowerment

    This challenge explores to what degree citizens can have a more direct influence on their government, what kind of information governments should publish and how citizens can be optimally informed to participate in democratic life. This means that we search for best practices of citizen participation, transparency, for ways to structure public media and approaches to safeguard our privacy.


  • +1. EU Reform

    The European project has brought 70 years of peace and stability to our continent. However, the EU has been shaken by crises and Euroscepticism. In order to build on what has been achieved, the EU Reform team develops (1) ways to improve EU governance by proposing a clear path of institutional reform towards a federal European Union, and (2) concrete proposals for all policy fields.

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